7on7NYA Puerto Rico

7on7NYA & NLL 1st Season 2014

Posted Tue Feb 04, 2014 - 02:21 AM

On April 12th, 2014 we give start for the first season of the 7on7NYA Passing League and National Lineman League - NLL, both programs from the National Youth Alliance (NYA). This First Season will be targeting the skills development, stats comparison, and exposure for Junior Varsity and High School Players.

The last date to register with your team or as a free agent is March 15, 2014, with the regular fee as:

- 7on7NYA Passing League: $75 Free Agent; $525 Team of 7; $900 team of 12; $1,125 team of 15.
- National Lineman League: $45 Free Agent; $315 team of 7; $540 team of 12.

After March 15, 2014 to the week prior of the first game a late fee of $10.00, will be charge to each participant who register passing the deadline date.

Note: Current start date: April 12th, 2014 is subject to change. Date will be adjusted to start once the PR Pee Wee League ends.

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